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Ranking System!

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Ranking System! Empty Ranking System!

Post by Paws on Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:32 pm

Welcome to the forums ranking.
Each rank has a shiny badge ranging from Platinum to bronze.

Ranking System! Mod10
Platinum Badge
Guild Council
HOW TO GET: Become member of guild council/mod status.

Ranking System! Gold10
Golden Badge
Guild Moderator
HOW TO GET: Become a Community mod.

Ranking System! Estab10
Turquoise Badge
Seasoned Hunter
HOW TO GET: Given by proving oneself.

Ranking System! Bronze10
Bronze Badge
New Hunter
HOW TO GET: Default


Hope everyone enjoys this experience, a lot of work was put into it by me and PlanetaryNinja

Ranking System! F5985w
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